On Work Life Balance

"Life as we know it is unbalanced for most of us. We tend to focus on work to the exclusion of personal life, health and relationships."

This book drives home this point through a story-line.

On My Penniless Journey and Magic of Surrender 

At inspiration of his master, Bhaavinji undertook a 15-day journey to the Himalayas without a penny in his pocket.


This book shows how God aligns in your favor to provide you with all that you need, once you have totally surrendered to Him.

On an Ideal Marriage

This book is a sincere endeavor to make amply clear to you, that being physically attracted or looking for satisfaction of material needs is a ridiculous pillar to base an entire marriage upon and that truthfulness and a clean conscience are the only authentic foundations on which a truly happy marriage can stand. 

This book drives homes this point through an interesting story-line.

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