Hi. I'm Bhaavin

I am here to help Make Life Easy for Entrepreneurs Executives


I am passionate about teaching, treating and transforming people!

A curious learner, an intense feeler and a self-absorbed thinker, in that order, my role in the world is that of a modern-day yogi who grows JOYFUL day after day, thanks to his powerful self-transformation practices.

I am well-versed in the areas of Meditation, Breathwork, Elemental Healing, Science of Affirmations, Conscious Eating, Radical Honesty, Non Violent Communication, Personal Productivity, Passion Coaching, Prosperity Consciousness and Gift Economy.


My deepest interest lies in the science of EASY LIVING.

You can always know more about me here.

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Do You Work to Life


Do You Live to Work

"Life as we know it is unbalanced for most of us. We tend to focus on work to the exclusion of personal life, health and relationships."

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On Work Life Balance

Penniless on a Purpose

"At inspiration of his master, he undertook a 15-day journey to the Himalayas without a penny in his pocket. "

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On Life & Courage

The Foundation

of Marriage

"This book is a sincere endeavor to make amply clear to you, that being physically attracted or looking for satisfaction of material needs is a ridiculous pillar to base an entire marriage upon."

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On Relationship

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