10 Ways to Break your Routine


We are told that success is a matter of daily habit. A simple regimen followed routinely automatically results in success. But has it also ever occurred to you that your routine can also hem you in from living fully?


What can Your Routine do to You?


It can curb your original self, reduce your spontaneity, make you rigid, induce boredom, cause a certain level of depression and make you susceptible to all types of lifestyle diseases. High time you got a handle on it. Learn to break the rut every once in a while and you will find yourself in a better space. Here's how you do it.


Ten Routine-breakers for You:


1. One day every week, spend it without any agenda whatsoever. Do not work. Call it your spontaneity day. Just flow with whatever inspiration comes up from within.


2. Every once in a while, Be Yourself in your interactions. Not the calculative one. Do away with the filter between your head and your mouth.


3. Surprise your neighbors with knocking at their door at an unearthly hour. Self-invite yourself to a chat over a cup of steaming coffee.


4. Run a neighborhood cause. Gather all kids and do a small act of kindness to touch people's hearts. Maybe a mass car wash. Maybe a refreshing drink for the passers-by.


5. Call an old school friend and gossip away to glory. Bother not that you are wasting his or her time. They will find it as worthwhile as you will.


6. First thing in the morning you curl up into your sofa or yet better into a hammock with your favourite book for as long as somebody pushes you to act human and have a bath.


7. Spend some time every week at your locality's most vibrant joint, doing whatever everybody else does there. Become a nobody.


8. Figure out which place your parents would be most happy visiting. Be the sweet child. Take them there.


9. Gift your spouse with something he or she has been really really looking forward to buy but has refrained to buy for whatever reason.


10. Write a letter to yourself and post it to your address and earnestly look forward to receiving it every day till it arrives.

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